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Michigan Auto Reform Laws & Medicare

What’s Happening in Michigan? We’re starting to pay a lot more attention to and are getting a lot more questions relating to car insurance in Michigan. Specifically, how does it relate to Michigan’s auto laws and upcoming changes. If you are not a resident of Michigan (where our agency is located; thus our “back yard”...
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*#&$@ Happens

We at times speak at corporate offices when HR will bring in a Medicare “lunch and learn”. These are excellent sessions for employees that are close to, or ARE, Medicare eligible to start understanding how the Medicare system works in comparison to their workplace coverage. Now, as we talk through Medicare, the coverage, how it...
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Milestone Birthdays… as told from a 24 year old

As a 24 year old, people often say to me “enjoy being young, 30 is the last good birthday you have” etc., etc. But, lately, I’ve come to realize that this may not necessarily be true! When working with Medicare beneficiaries and asking if they are AARP members, sometimes they will tell me “No I...
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There’s so much information out there about Medicare. Problem is that there is information overload. We at Giardini Medicare adore information. Look no further than our YouTube Channel and you’d agree! But, the problem lies in that information given or received at the wrong time really just doesn’t help when it comes to the entire...
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When Should You Start Talking Medicare?

At Giardini Medicare we are often asked “When is the best time to start talking and learning about Medicare?” Surprisingly, even that question doesn’t have a straight answer, and it appears that nothing related to Medicare seems to have a “straight” answer. In my experience, a person age 64 and one-half years is just about ideal for the...
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Where to Next?

I was talking to a person yesterday and we were talking about the sheer number of Medicare commercials on TV this year. He said “Joe Namath is on right now!”. We’d hope it would die off after December 7 (the official end of the Annual Election Period of Medicare). Nope. On to the OEP. (Open...
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Retirement. Change. Transition. Change. Stress. It’s all bundled together. Zero in on the healthcare/Medicare piece and we can help make life easier. There’s a method to the Medicare madness. When you do things at the right time, in the right way, with the right forms, with the proper knowledge — Medicare can almost feel “easy”....
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COBRA and Medicare

We make a pretty big deal about COBRA and Medicare when we’re talking to people. Our team’s ears are trained to “perk up” when we hear the word “COBRA”. To an employee that is separating from an employer for whatever reason, their ears don’t perk up as ours do. They are concerned with keeping their...
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Educate, educate, educate….

This time of year can get extra nutty for us as the TV lights up with Medicare commercial. Joe Namath is talking about all the of free things someone can get with their choice of plans and more. In our world, people retire and turn 65 every single day of the year so, yes, this...
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