Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

Learn about Medicare!

Now that you’ve arrived at the phase of “I need or want Medicare”, our role is helping you secure that coverage.


If you are drawing Social Security prior to age 65, you will automatically be enrolled into Medicare’s Part A and Part B.


NOTE: Those of you that have gone through the steps above and determined that you do NOT need Medicare’s Part B BUT you are automatically enrolled? You must take further steps to refuse Part B’s coverage. 


We meet many people that are automatically enrolled into Part B, do not need nor want the coverage but are paying for it via Social Security deductions but don’t realize it’s happening.








To get help. 


You don’t need to attend a steak dinner or invite agents into your home. You can call our “phone a friend” line instead.

If you are attending seminars and such looking for Medicare advice, we suggest that if you are going to an insurance carrier’s direct presentation, realize that you will only learn about that carrier’s products per se.  We know that you are seeking good information but be careful as you “shop” for that guidance.

We love great conversations with educated consumers. We’ll screen share with you and walk you through your specific situation and we’ll work with you to determine your best course of action. Best might be NOT enrolling into any part of Medicare. If that’s the case, we’ll connect with you down the road when Medicare enrollment is good for you.  Then, we’ll walk you through doing the right thing at that right time.

We are agents that are compensated by insurance carriers when we do enroll you at the right time and into the right product. See our page here all about compensation as we feel it’s important for you to understand.

We will only ask that if we have provided you value, assistance and help in our interactions with you, please call one of our advisors to enroll you into your product.  We work hard to earn your business and ask that you allow us to be compensated for such (by enrolling with our advisors).