Your Medicare Transition Team
Your Medicare Transition Team

It feels like we go in waves with Medicare. We suddenly have a week where there is a rash of “Medicare Mistakes” made by consumers. As we talk daily as a group of Medicare agents, we know that just about every one of the situations/mistakes could have been avoided had the consumer called us or someone like us PRIOR to doing or not doing what they did or did not do.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Make a phone call to avoid a mistake? Well, it can be that simple.

A person is lying in a hospital awaiting treatment for a significant illness – and has zero insurance coverage. Why? The person was on ACA coverage, the policy lapsed and they didn’t get Medicare when they should have. So, yes, they can file for it now but it won’t start until July. How would you or your family feel about zero coverage for months for a sick person? Think those family assets may get depleted a bit faster with this situation?

That’s one case that could have been avoided very simply with a phone call. As in seriously simple and the family would be experiencing no stress and no bills most likely.

People are retiring at age 67 and calling us when their COBRA coverage runs out. Did they ever get Medicare set up? Nope. COBRA and Medicare don’t play well together.

Point of the day, week, month and year is that you really just need to make a phone call. It’ll take you ten minutes and it’s a no charge phone call. We’ll give you our two cents and/or guide you through what to do next or NOT do next.

We spend gobs of time creating educational content, writing articles and speaking at seminars (see our EVENT page) so that you all have the information you need to make a good health insurance decisions when you are making that transition to Medicare.

It’s a super important thing to get right. So, call us and don’t let yourself be that story we’re talking about one day saying “wow, they could have avoided that completely”.  We like only happy stories 🙂


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