Your Medicare Transition Team

Cameron Giardini

Medicare Guru

Cameron graduated from Central Michigan University with a biochemistry degree and the hopes of becoming a Doctor. After a long and grueling week of almost studying for the MCAT, he decided that ten more years of school and piles of insurance paperwork weren’t for him.

So, naturally, instead of billing insurance, he decided to start selling it, right?  This is when he entered the Medicare/senior market and quickly realized that so many people needed help and, more importantly, wanted help.

After several years in the industry he decided to join family members in launching Giardini Medicare.  The company’s mission is pretty simple: to educate consumers and stop the prevalent misinformation found throughout the market. 

Cameron is the “Where’s Waldo” of our team. About as virtual as you can be, he currently resides in Sonoma, CA with his fiancé, Jena. She is a travel physical therapist, enabling them to see the country. 

When he is not sending harrowing footage from his GoPro while mountain biking in the crazy California terrain, he’s producing great content for the company’s YouTube Channel