Your Medicare Transition Team
Your Medicare Transition Team

There’s so much information out there about Medicare. Problem is that there is information overload.

We at Giardini Medicare adore information. Look no further than our YouTube Channel and you’d agree!

But, the problem lies in that information given or received at the wrong time really just doesn’t help when it comes to the entire topic of Medicare.

There’s more to Medicare planning than just throwing a bunch of information at someone and having them throw darts at the dartboard and hope they chose wisely.

There are rules related to many parts of Medicare. At what age to sign up. Where you sign up. How you sign up. What parts of Medicare do you need. What forms do you need. What products do you then need to purchase if any. How do you get those in place. What happens after you’re signed up. On and on and on.

So, we know that Medicare is ALL of those things. From the initial phone call we get saying “I’m turning 65 in 9 months… and I’m …..” We can give you the general game plan at that point. We can provide you good information to build your bank of Medicare knowledge. But, you many not need to do your next piece of homework for months after that first phone call.

It’s a process, it takes time to complete —> but, you’ll understand how it works and what you did. Our guess is that you’ll come of the process and say “Wow, that really wasn’t that bad. I feel much better now” as the majority of our clients say.

See you as you enter the process funnel!

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