Your Medicare Transition Team
Your Medicare Transition Team

Should I retire early? Medicare implications….

Covid-19 has stormed into our world causing a whole bunch of implications! As if you didn’t know…

In our world, we’re getting lots of calls from people either electing to retire or having to retire.

A recent phone conversation played out like this.

Jane and John are still working, They are 66 years old. They each have their health insurance through Jane’s employer and it’s good coverage, highly subsidized by her employer and more. Sounds fine, right?

All is well until Jane gets an early retirement offer. Their dilemma is that Jane needs to work for another 3 years to be FULLY vested for retiree health insurance. So, we started the process of talking through what Medicare looks like, how much will it cost each of you, how are your medications handled, and more. Then they can take that information and balance it with the details of the retirement offer.

At the end of the call, after laying out all of the “stats”, my brain was leaning towards “Oh, Jane, you should really work three more years”. Both she and John were a bit surprised about the costs of Medicare (it was quite a bit more than they thought)… but we’ll see what they choose to do!

Our job is to teach you all about Medicare, enroll you into products that you NEED. Your job is to determine what you feel comfortable with and live life accordingly.

Medicare is a process; not a product as we always say. Lots of gray area mingled with black & white rules!


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