Your Medicare Transition Team
Your Medicare Transition Team

Weekly Workshops

Welcome to our Weekly Workshops! 

Each week, we host a Zoom session where you can get your individual Medicare questions answered. Our focus each and every day is to help people transition to the Medicare system. That being said, it can be a rather big project.

We invite you into our sessions to answer miscellaneous questions you may have and to learn from other people’s questions. It’s essentially a virtual seminar.

It’s easy to sign up, easy to attend and easy to learn from. Each week, we’ll also talk about a particular topic as a bonus that you may interested in.

See this month’s sessions and topics below, along with the registration information. 

See you there!

How can hospital indemnity plans work with Medicare?
Let’s talk about Covid-19 and how that may affect your Medicare transition process
Bring your Medicare Q's and we'll also touch on cancer policies today
How do i sign up for Medicare Part B?